Camp Grounds 

primitive-style tent) camping is available to all, and is included in the price of your ticket. While this doesn’t offer the comfort of off site ACCOMMODATIONs, it’s our firm belief that it’s the ultimate way to enjoy the t-bois experience!


If you’re not into primitive-style camping there are limited rv/motorhome spaces available for rent. There are local rental companies who will deliver your rv to t-bois (and pick it up!). it’s totally turn-key and a great way to experience t-bois blues festival. be sure to reserve your spot before renting, and tell ’em you’re booking for t-bois blues festival when you call!


Motorhome Rentals of Louisiana

          2010 35 frontLF       RV

2010 35 driver   2010 35 living   2010 35 Bedroom 2010 35 Kit 2010 35 rear bunks   2010 35 dining     RV diagram